Regional workshop with stakeholders in Skåne

Our partners from Innovation Skåne and Region Skåne held their regional workshop in the end of May, which started with an inspirational speech by Richard Frobell, Head of Ängelholm Hospital:

“AI for healthcare is what the tractor became for agriculture. We need to learn how to use technology in a way that creates value for those it serves. The problem is not that we are moving too fast, but that we are too slow to adapt and embrace the opportunities offered by new technologies”.

He also highlighted the fear of making mistakes when working with innovation procurement: “When the fear of making mistakes is high, what is done is rarely right”, he said. “This is why we are working together, to improve innovation procurement. We do this by gathering insights, challenges, and proposed solutions – and highlighting innovation procurement as an important tool to enable innovation”.

“The work we do within Prepare will form the basis for regional plans and an action plan at the European level. Today, we have taken a big step towards creating these plans to strengthen the capacity to implement innovation”, says Ulrika Björck, Innovation Manager at Innovation Skåne.

43 participants, representing all innovation actors within innovation players and stakeholders. The major problems identified can be categorized into three main areas:

  1. Economy: Health care compensation system discourages innovation and suffers from insufficient resources, including a low budget and poor staffing. Additionally, there is a lack of benefit calculations.
  2. Processes: The system is difficult to navigate, with unclear responsibilities and roles, hindering efficiency and clarity.
  3. Culture: There is a behaviour among individuals that contributes to a culture that does not allow for failure, which stifles development and improvements.


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