Regional impact through demand-driven innovation

Unlocking the potential of innovation procurement to turn regional needs into opportunities with PREPARE

Empowering Regional Progress through demand driven Innovation

Public organizations in our regions face diverse challenges that demand innovative solutions for enhanced service delivery. The PREPARE project is pioneering new innovation policies and strategies, fostering cocreation between public entities and businesses to address identified gaps. PREPARE’s mission is to leverage the strengths of both sectors to drive regional progress by facilitating the joint development of innovative solutions, effectively meeting unmet needs and creating new business opportunities.


The impact of co-creation

PREPARE assist policymakers in crafting innovative instruments towards innovation adoption tailored to support public organizations in identifying needs, finding suitable partners, and implementing collaborative innovation pilots to jointly find the solution. Our approach focuses on designing effective adoption strategies to ensure lasting regional impact. Through collaborative innovation, public services are enhanced, while new avenues for business development emerge in a complex market landscape. The result? Greater economic growth and the creation of quality employment opportunities, fueling progress across our region.


To connect and align four regional ecosystems to promote innovation procurement

To prepare a Joint Programme and 5 Action Plans to increase growth and competitivenes​

To gather information and react to policy and funding sources​

To create and exploit knowledge assets: state-of-the-art; position paper and knowledge base​

What does PREPARE offer?


Generating knowledge and breaking the loop:

no experience, no risk taking, no learning. A unique repository will be a powerful tool gathering all content, use cases and best practices To tackle the training challenge, a knowledge-sharing community will be established to foster innovation in innovation adoption processes by getting the buy in of decision makers


Development and implementation of Joint Action Programs

that respond to the specificity of regional policies and contexts. They will serve as guides for regions but also reduce barriers to the implementation of innovation adoption, allowing other regions to follow their example in a cascading effect.


Partners commit to analysing and exploiting existing funding sources

creating a reinforcing effect that enhances the impact of the existing and new instrtuments

The main goal of innovation adoption is to encourage the development of innovative solutions capable of enhancing services and addressing nowadays’ challenges. It acts as a facilitator for investments in the real economy, driving innovation and digitization to overcome existing barriers and promote transformative actions.