Region of Oulu



Oulu Region is performing high in innovation scoreboard and indicators showing RDI-activity. RDI investment per capita is among the highest in Europe. Region is ready for better adaption of innovation and demand-driven solutions with the actions and objectives of PREPARE-project.

Implementation of PREPARE started by close co-operation with regional stakeholders and innovation players. Interviews, surveys and workshops clarified and raised awareness of PREPARE. Objective is to create environment for balanced innovation chain.  

The wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia, Pohde, is one of the 21 wellbeing services counties in Finland. Pohde is responsible for organising public health, social and rescue services in North Ostrobothnia. Pohde over 18 000 professionals from different fields, who work together to offer high quality well-being services for all residents in the area.

BusinessOulu is an enterprise owned by the City of Oulu. It aims to support growing companies and to coordinate the Oulu Health ecosystem, driving innovation in the Healthtech business. It was established in 2011 and has almost 12 years of experience managing public funds for innovation from administrations at all levels (local to European). It is regularly involved in inP innovation projects and is currently developing a more efficient and sustainable procurement strategy for the City of Oulu, to boost local inP. etusivu | Oulun kaupunki Etusivu – BusinessOulu


The Council of Oulu Region is a regional development and planning organization acting on behalf of its member municipalities. It coordinates EU funding programs in the region and represents Oulu region in both national and international projects, programs and working groups. It is responsible for creating the region’s RIS3, involving all its relevant ecosystem members in the process. 

Council of Oulu Region – Council of Oulu Region (



Companies in the ICT, sustainable materials and food distribution sectors are potential big buyers in the region.


SMEs and R&D centres in the ICT and green industries. The OuluHealth ecosystem is a world leader in using ICT innvoaitons for health and life science solutions.


Include the Oulu Innovation Alliance, a strategic coalition of organizations and innovaiton leaders that promote innovation and sustainable growth, and OuluHealth, a healthcare cluster that gathers universities, research centres, companies, business professionals and public bodies. Several Digital Innovation Hubs also support the ICT sector.