PREPARE’s importance for Region Skåne

PREPARE project aims at setting a foundation for innovation procurement processes that will have a regional impact in the four regions participating and beyond. To share the benefits that partners are having with their participation, we have interviewed some of them. Here are their answers

Why is PREPARE important for Region Skåne?

In what way can Skåne as a region, contribute to PREPARE? 

We have a lot of experience in innovation procurement and to some extent implementation of innovation. This means, we and Region Skåne can share our experiences and at the same time learn from others who have developed other processes/structures that are interesting to benchmark us with.

Describe why the cooperation between countries and regions is important for making a difference and moving forward.

We all have different conditions but largely the same goal, to allow more innovation to enrich public activities. For example, in Finland, Oulu, they have managed to find a very good concept to support development and co-creation in Health Tech, we are looking at it with great curiosity.

What do you expect to achieve with your participation in PREPARE?

Our ambition is to mobilize key actors in Skåne and reach a common approach to what is needed for us to see more implementation of innovation in Region Skåne.

How can we create an impact with innovation through PREPARE?

That’s the big question, but hopefully, we can identify an approach that allows us to create an impact.


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